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Vending Machine
Is it necessary to purchase spare parts additional to the unit?
Not necessary that you required to purchase extra spare parts.
How long does it take after placing a purchase order and departure time?
If your order quantity is more than 50 numbers we would take a month's time(30 days from the date of Purchase Order). If not then we can supply it within 30 days. The sample product can be delivered immediately after we receive the Payment and Purchase Order.
Do you offer a 100% mechanical unit, this is, no electrical at all?
The machine basically works with Electrical Power. Has a battery back up . The battery back would be for complete 10 days.
Power supply in 120V and 60 Hz ?.
We do have Machine works at 110V/220V. Please mention when time of order.
Do you have a single machine that handles both napkins and tampons at the same time?
Yes. We have two rows in the vend 40 and 5 rows in the vend 100. Each row can be arranged with your preferable product. You can select the row that you require while collecting the product. But it would be a fixed price.
How reliable is this unit? my country is located far away from India, so I don't like to be fixing these units very often. How reliable is the coin mechanism?
We give one year warranty for the product. We can replace the parts if it is a manufacturing defect. We can assist you through phone & email in case you have any doubts or queries. We have many customers globally .
We have various well known napkin manufactures selling their products locally: Kotex, Tampax, and others. Can I purchase local sanitary napkins or I have to purchase them from you?

You can purchase napkins as per your convenience. The napkins has to be individually packed which can be kept inside the machine.